Wednesday, 20 May 2009

that word called "love".

im so confused. i dont wna to feel this hurts too much. why wont you understand?. i dont even know if its just me or if its you. "i used to belive in fairy tales", being with you used to make me feel as if i was in one. but now it feels as if i no longer do and closing the book seems like the only way. i "took a second and thought about it " , i tried it, but i couldnt take it. i know that wasn't the place i really wanted to be in, i wanted to be with you. but sometimes you make it difficult to make me see why. being surrounded by other couples just shows me what it could have been like..what it used to be like. i wish that i had that again. "i just want you to love me better". you've got me so bad. you dont know what you do to me. you've got me so hooked on to you. i feel as if i love you more than you love me. its like youve given up trying your best to make me happy. 3years and ahalf down the line and its like youve given up cos you know you've got me already. i know obviously its different know and we're not in that stage any more. basically i just want you to show u still care.
its hurts. lifes hard. love's hard.

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