Saturday, 7 November 2009

faakin love you even though your face is like this.

out n about. recent pics

aint updated in agesso thought to just upload afew pics. woo.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Leavers/prom of class 2009. (more soon)

Melj's 18th debut. 5709

dean practicing for his pole dancing again. !

auds and jeffry

fuk happend to my face . lol

chel deanie auds

dean and one-tooth auds. loool.
me n the boyfriend
hi guyyyysss LOL. err
i jus like the way i LOOK like i have cheekbones and a tan haha.
dont we look FLAWLESS haha. ;D

cos i aint got nething better to do!

What did you have for breakfast: a cupcake and 2 pieces of crisp. lool :S
What makes you smile: friends, shopping, and geof
What is the weather like out side: its cloudy : /
What or who makes life worth living: my baby
What do you like better, colored pencils, crayons, or markers: markers :D
What have you been labeled: no ?
Do you think you are a nice person: indeed loll
What is the worst pain you've ever felt: leg cramps and sometimes monthly ones haa.
What did you have for lunch: burger king sandwhich loll
What do you have in your cup/bottle: wattterrrrr
What grade are you in: i dno. im going uni lol
What do you want to be: a dheufhifefgeigbeibcfibirrfrfrjkjjkh-oligist lol
What is your worst habit: everyday hair straightening or curling loll
What time is it:15.44
What size bed do you have: singlee
What is bothering you right now: my appearance when i look in the mirror. eur my hair lol.
What color is your room: white. but apparently its cream
What color is your bathroom: red n white
What do you use to IM: msn
What is your home page: msn and google dependin on which net i use lol
What is in your nightstand draw:teddy bear lol
What is your favorite scent:jefs smel. lol:)
What do you fear: insects and flies. !!
What did you have for supper: loads of things atmeljs debut lool
What's your good luck charm?: dnt have 1
What's your bedroom like?: its ayt. my mum hoovered this morning so yeah haha
What's the last thing you said?: the thing im typing loool
What is beside you?:a shopping bag lol. says alot
What is the last thing you ate?: ice cream babyy
What kind of shampoo do you use?: elive , herbal essence. ah i use quite afew! lol :S
What's the best thing that happend to you this year?: turnt 18 :D.
What's you favorite feature in the opposite sex?: anyfin jef has haha.

Friday, 3 July 2009

: D

this is the day jef took me out as an apology for the day before as we broke up . we went back to his after to eat n then this is what he does after ... lol
(some next loser i know.)
yes guys its good to brush your teeth

nice n hard to get rid of all the plaque.

rinse it out .. but make sure u aim for ur mouth

other wise u wont have nuffin to spit out

final result ; D LOL

Thursday, 11 June 2009

june 09

3 down , 2 to more to go : ). still need to revise for my 2 theology modules which i dislikeeee. i dont gt it. lonnnnggg. i shud be revising for tuesday. ok, i will later . soon. maybe.
i cant wait until exams r over , then prom. woo. hope it doesnt flop though since some people arent even coming !. still SUMMER'S coming , FREE TIMEEE.
i dont care. i wont care.
if only you knew how it feels like to be on the recieving end of the line.

Thursday, 28 May 2009


when you've already given the world, already given all you have, already tried everything you think will work, you've already done all you could have done and still nothing.. you just ask yourself ..why .. why do you even bother. hope. think. wish ..that things will ever change .

b u hurt me so much. u dont know what u do to me. i dont know what to do. it fuking hurts.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

fake eye lashes

in my boyfriends tshirt <3

they look alright i guess, but i dont really wear them anymore that much. i think il look bare fake and drag queeny in them lool.:S

out with the cousins

SLIPP..ardelle, may and janelle, jordan

Jerome and josh
what an ugly looking fish lol
trying on heelssss with janelle

sis and i
janelle and I

? lol

janellleee =)