Thursday, 21 May 2009

just some of the people who've made the last 2 years worth it . =D - last day at st'angela's and bonaventures 6th form.

me and my first bestfriends at angelas , cee n jess.

love youuuss.

me n "twin"dommy

left: auds monica & i

below: me n my homegirl MALCOLM. :D. ! love u mateeee.

anal. :D x

semen n I -media body part poking buddie?! lool.

above : miss sket teerz girls <3

above : denzil da menzil ! : D

having spent 5 years as an angela's girl, and another 2 years as an angleas and st bonaventure's 6th former, i can say that it has been 7 of the best years to remember. leaving the school officially is actually weird and quite emotional . i remember when every1 used to be happy school was nearly over but when it actually came, it hit everyone , people were actually sad. it's because you know you wont be able to see some of the same people ever again, its basically the "end of en era" . During the 2years in 6th form obviously they've been filled with some downs and bad times but they won't weigh down the good times because i've met some of the best people ever who i consider as true friends who i've been through some of the most funniest, memorable, and happiest times with. i'm gona miss everyone, its going to be weird not being able to see the same faces nearly 5 days a week, i guess everyone has to grow up and move on at some point right. nevertheless i wont ever forget all of this.

St Angela's and St Bonaventure's 6th form center 2007-2009.

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