Monday, 6 July 2009

Leavers/prom of class 2009. (more soon)

Melj's 18th debut. 5709

dean practicing for his pole dancing again. !

auds and jeffry

fuk happend to my face . lol

chel deanie auds

dean and one-tooth auds. loool.
me n the boyfriend
hi guyyyysss LOL. err
i jus like the way i LOOK like i have cheekbones and a tan haha.
dont we look FLAWLESS haha. ;D

cos i aint got nething better to do!

What did you have for breakfast: a cupcake and 2 pieces of crisp. lool :S
What makes you smile: friends, shopping, and geof
What is the weather like out side: its cloudy : /
What or who makes life worth living: my baby
What do you like better, colored pencils, crayons, or markers: markers :D
What have you been labeled: no ?
Do you think you are a nice person: indeed loll
What is the worst pain you've ever felt: leg cramps and sometimes monthly ones haa.
What did you have for lunch: burger king sandwhich loll
What do you have in your cup/bottle: wattterrrrr
What grade are you in: i dno. im going uni lol
What do you want to be: a dheufhifefgeigbeibcfibirrfrfrjkjjkh-oligist lol
What is your worst habit: everyday hair straightening or curling loll
What time is it:15.44
What size bed do you have: singlee
What is bothering you right now: my appearance when i look in the mirror. eur my hair lol.
What color is your room: white. but apparently its cream
What color is your bathroom: red n white
What do you use to IM: msn
What is your home page: msn and google dependin on which net i use lol
What is in your nightstand draw:teddy bear lol
What is your favorite scent:jefs smel. lol:)
What do you fear: insects and flies. !!
What did you have for supper: loads of things atmeljs debut lool
What's your good luck charm?: dnt have 1
What's your bedroom like?: its ayt. my mum hoovered this morning so yeah haha
What's the last thing you said?: the thing im typing loool
What is beside you?:a shopping bag lol. says alot
What is the last thing you ate?: ice cream babyy
What kind of shampoo do you use?: elive , herbal essence. ah i use quite afew! lol :S
What's the best thing that happend to you this year?: turnt 18 :D.
What's you favorite feature in the opposite sex?: anyfin jef has haha.

Friday, 3 July 2009

: D

this is the day jef took me out as an apology for the day before as we broke up . we went back to his after to eat n then this is what he does after ... lol
(some next loser i know.)
yes guys its good to brush your teeth

nice n hard to get rid of all the plaque.

rinse it out .. but make sure u aim for ur mouth

other wise u wont have nuffin to spit out

final result ; D LOL